BLS Scintillometers

Turbulence Measurements Over Large Spatial Scales: The Scintec BLS Series Scintillometers are designed for line-averaged turbulence measurements over propagation paths between 250 m and 12 km length. The Instruments provide turbulence and heat flux data for horizontal and even slant geometric paths.

No Transmitter Alignment: Forget about the problems of aligning a distant large aperture transmitter. With Scintec BLS Series Scintillometers, transmitter alignment is no longer necessary. Hence a single person can do the whole set-up within minutes.

Use On Towers: The large emission angle of the transmitter even allows installation on towers or other elevated platforms which are prone to vibration. Unlike with conventional narrow-beam designs, tiny vibrations do not translate into erroneous turbulence measurements.

Refractive Index Fluctuations: For applications in optical propagation analysis, Scintec BLS Series Scintillometers determine the structure parameter (structure constant) Cn2 of refractive index fluctuations and the Fried parameter at a reference wavelength defined by the user.

Dual Source Configuration: By evaluating the scintillation of two separate sources, the instrument corrects for transmission changes, increasing the accuracy of the measurement results. The dual-disk design also allows for a better correction of saturation of fluctuations, hence increasing the measurement range. In addition to the turbulence measurement, Scintec BLS Series Scintillometers with dual-disk design can provide the wind speed perpendicular to the optical path.

Why Scintillation is Superior
Read here about the superior characteristics of turbulence measurements using optical scintillation.

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