Laser Scintillometers

*Laser Scintillometers* The Scintec SLS Series Scintillometers are unique sensors which can measure atmospheric turbulence, heat flux, momentum flux and crosswind by purely optical means. The length of the measurement paths between the transmiiter and the receiver can be set up between 50 m and 250 m. Combined with a net radiometer, the SLS Series Scintillometers can determine the evaporation or evapotranspiration,
The models of the Scintec SLS Series are so-called inner-scale scintillometers. By measurering the spatial turbulence spectrum, they can directly asses the dissipation rate of turbulent kinetic energy. By application of Monin-Oboukhov similarity, this directly leads to the turbulent fluxes of heat and momentum without any complementing wind measurements or assumptions on surface roughness. Only the SLS Series Scintillometers provide the full set of assessible information purely from optical measurements: the structure function constant of refractive index Cn2, the structure function constant of temperature CT2, the turbulent flux of heat, the turbulent flux of momentum, the inner scale of turbulence, the kinetic energy dissipation rate and the crosswind. If combined with a net radiometer, evaporation or evapotranspiration is also determined.
All SLS Series Scintillometers "ES" are eye safe Class 1 laser products. *OVERLAY* Heat and Momentum Flux Measures Purely by Optical Means Outstanding Temporal Resolution *ADVANTAGES-LINK* See the competitive advantages of the SLS Series Scintillometers.

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