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Industrial complexes in the areas of chemistry, refinery, power production, or mining operate safely and without harm for the environment due to continuous dedicated efforts of the operators and widespread government regulations. Part of the efforts and regulations are provisions that target at making measures more effective in the very unlikely case of an accidental pollutant release. Now, fast and accurate predictions are essential to anticipate where atmospheric transport and diffusion will lead to harmful concentrations or depositions of hazardous substances to the ground. Scintec provides the dedicated equipment to measure the atmospheric quantities which affect transport and diffusions of atmospheric constituents and to comply with government regulations. *Wind Profilers* Sodar and radar wind profilers directly and continuously measure the vertical profile of wind speed and direction. In the case of an accident, these instruments provide the basic information needed to predict where the pollutant will spread to and where emergency measures are to be taken. *Turbulent Diffusion* All Scintec wind profilers have vertical beams to measure the strength of atmospheric turbulence. In addition, Scintec temperature profilers are used to determine the atmospheric stability and perform an exact calculation of turbulent diffusion. Diffusion causes a vertical spread of the pollutant and a subsequent transport into different directions and distances as the wind will change velocity and rotate with height. *AWAIRE Air Quality* The AWAIRE Air Quality Intellligent Solution predicts the transport and diffusion of a polluting substance based on data taken with Scintec wind and temperature profilers. AWAIRE Air Qualtiy is based on AERMOD developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency with its very high international reputation. *Government Regulations* Scintec products are used worldwide to comply with government regulations and are a sensible investment for the safest and environmentally most compatible industrial sites. Please contact Scintec for more information. "Remember: When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed." - Steven Cyros, Businessman
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