Scintec wind and temperature profilers are used for many different applications on airports. They are all-weather instruments and can operate in rain and with dense clouds. In combination with the profilers, AWAIRE Aviation provides complete intelligent solutions. *Wind Shear, Turbulence and Crosswind Warnings* Radar and sodar wind profilers, alone or in combination, can measure vertical wind shear, turbulence level (EDR) and crosswind and are used to provide related data and issue warnings. Radars and sodars are often complemented by RASS temperature profilers. AWAIRE Aviation intelligently combines the output of different sensors, performs appropriate quality controls and optionally displays all dedicated information on a screen. *Density Altitude* Temperature profilers can accurately detect inversions and quantify sudden increases in temperature with height. The sudden reduction of air density is an important safety issue and impacts maximum aircraft load. AWAIRE Aviation provides an adequate output of the Density Altitude. "Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory." - Pilots, Common Saying *Wind Nowcasting* AWAIRE Aviation has an innovative nowcasting capability for the wind field. It is based on a history of collected data and combines with this artificial intelligence. By anticipating the wind field changes, AWAIRE Aviation can enhance the efficiency of departures and landings and hence increases the capacity of airport operations. *Fog Prediction* Sodar wind profilers and RASS temperature profilers can be used to predict fog formation and burn. AWAIRE Aviation offers a dedicated model and enhances the capacity of airport operations at locations with annual fog events.
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