FAS Sodars

Why Scintec FAS Series Sodars Are Superior

Antenna Design: Scintec's proprietary Flat Array Antenna is more efficient than other designs. The transducers are effectively protected against precipitation allowing operation during all weather conditions.

Multi-Frequency and Multi-Beam Operation: The unique multi-frequency and multi-beam capability of the Scintec FAS Series Sodars results in an immense signal-to-noise advantage over conventional systems. This significantly increases data accuracy and availability.

Height Dependent Vertical Resolution: Scintec FAS Series Sodars can be operated with pulses of different lengths within one sequence. This solves the "range or resolution" dilemma of conventional sodars, thus giving you high spatial resolution where you need it and long measurement ranges at the same time.

Innovative Signal Processing: Scintec FAS Series Sodars apply innovative processing to allow reliable operation even in loud environments (airports). Scintec APRun Software has user friendly interfaces for a wide range of configurations and extensive graphical capabilities.

Two-Dimensional Dynamic Shading: A shading technique (tapering) is software selectable to generate less environmental noise without extensive mechanical shielding.

RASS Extension: XFAS, MFAS and SFAS can be combined with the RASS Extension RAE-1 and windRASSTM to accurately measure temperature profiles.

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