SLS Scintillometers

Heat and Momentum Fluxes: Scintec's SLS Series Scintillometers are the only commercially available instruments measuring both, heat flux and momentum flux by purely optical means. From the turbulent fluxes, also the stability parameter L, the Monin Obukhov length, is directly derived.

Temperatur Structure Parameter and Dissipation Rates: Within seconds, the path averaged dissipation rate of kinetic energy is determined and the structure parameter of temperature fluctuations CT2 is provided.

Refractive Index Fluctuations: For applications in optical propagation analysis, Scintec SLS Series Scintillometers determine both, the structure parameter (structure function constant) Cn2 and the inner scale l0 of refractive index fluctuations.

High sensitivity: With extremely low noise figures, Scintec's SLS Series scintillometers achieve a very high sensitivity. Hence lowest fluxes and turbulence levels can reliably be measured.

Easy Alignment: Scintec SLS Series scintillometers have a large field of view for easy alignment. For maximum comfort, automatically aligning models (SLS20-A and SLS40-A) are available. For use on towers, Scintec offers vibration-correcting models (SLS40 and SLS40-A).

Why Scintillation is Superior
Read here about the superior characteristics of turbulence measurements using optical scintillation.

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