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2021 Meteorological Technology World Expo "Aviation Meteorology"

Virtual Meeting
March 23 - 24, 2021

The first Meteorological Technology World Expo Conference for Aviation Meteorology will provide a much-needed platform for aviation meteorologists, airline and airport operators, air navigation services and other key stakeholders to engage with each other and with speakers and suppliers who will present the next generation of systems, solutions and services for the aviation industry.

A global community will be brought together for a two-day online conference, hosted on an engaging, simple-to-use platform, to allow participants to network, share content, host video meetings and discuss important industry developments.

Expect to see and discuss the very latest case studies and technical solutions, and to debate future industry trends and current challenges with leading vendors, trade bodies and industry leaders.

Systems and solutions include detection solutions for runway GRF, AWOS, remote sensing technology, visibility sensors, weather radar, wind-shear detection, software for data processing, automated weather/chart creation, application of GIS, integrated met/ATC dashboards, data processing, integration of multiple weather service offerings and lightning networks.

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